We appreciate that there are many of you who love to stand out in the crowd and would much rather walk into a room wearing something specially designed for you. This means you get to wear something you not only designed but is custom made to fit you to perfection.   

If you want to make any changes to your garment such as to the colour, length or request a specific size change (e.g if you are top heavy while smaller at the bottom). Please fill out the form below or send us an email at

*Please note all changes come with extra costs and a shipping time of 14 days due to customisation. 



Dress, Top, Skirt, Trouser, Jumpsuit or Sleeve (Shorten or Lengthen): £7

Bust, Waist or Hip (Reduce or Increase size): £7

Colour Request for colours not available in particular styles on our store (Subject to Availability): £5  

Slit Length (Reduce or Increase): £3:


If you have enquires about bridesmaid or prom dresses or like one of our styles and want it to be altered for your occasion please fill out the form below or send us an email at